A reliable and affordable supply of energy is essential for economic development. Nowadays Nepal’s economy is struggling with shortage of affordable energy today. For example during load shedding time the industries have to generate electricity by diesel generators at the triple price. Assuming raising fossil fuel prices in the future the economic burden for the Nepalese economy will be even higher than today.

Energy efficiency could play an important role to overcome the current energy crisis in the country. Previous experiences have shown that there are huge saving potentials in both thermal as well as electrical energy. Amore energy efficient Nepalese industry will be more productive and competitive on the international markets. Enhancing efficient use of energy will also slow down the growth of energy demand and, thus, reduce the investment costs in the generation sector.

Therefore, there is a substantial need for a highly competent think tank which brings energy efficiency on the top agenda and provides energy efficiency related services in Nepal. The new Energy Efficiency Centre (EEC) is aiming at the provision of those activities and services.

The EEC is run as a non-profit initiative. However, it will generate self-sustaining revenue through the provision of services like trainings, energy auditing or consultancy services in the field of energy efficiency. 

Vision and Mission

The EEC is a think tank working to foster the efficient energy use in the Nepalese economy in order to enhance sustainable development.

EEC will develophuman resources in the field of energy efficiency through training and knowledge sharing, competent. The centre will also provide professional energy efficiency services to the industrial community and act as a bridge between government and private sector in formulation of energy efficiency policies.

EEC's objectives are:

  • To become the leading national Centreof Excellence in the field of energy efficiency in Nepal.
  • To be a platform for exchange and development of energy efficiency knowledge,
  • To build upcapacity in this field,
  • To introduce and carry out energy efficiency interventions,
  • To act as a think tank for policy advisory services


EEC will conduct awareness raising activities on energy efficiency and build up a fundamental database on energy efficiency issues in the Nepalese private sector.

EEC will provide training on energy efficiency issues and act as a certifying agency in the field.

EEC is going to conduct energy auditing for enterprises aiming at reduction of their energy costs and, thus, production cost.

EEC will provide for the bankers the access to this new market of energy efficiency investment.

EEC is also going to give advisory services on formulation of energy efficiency policies and to develop strategies with a thrust on self-regulation and market principles.

EEC will be a platform for the private and public sectors to discuss energy efficiency related policies and regulations.

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