Message from Bottlers Nepal Ltd. about EEC Energy Audit
22 Jan 2014

Bottlers Nepal Ltd. was established in 1979 A.D. with the capacity of 85 bpm plant. This plant was phased out in 1987 A.D. and a new plant with 220 bpm was introduced. This plant was further extended to 450 bpm plant in 1997 A.D. and is still running with the same. PET line was introduced in 2000 A.D. with a plant capacity of 40 bpm. It was expanded to 100 bpm in 2007 A.D. and running with the same at present.

Energy usage is monitored in all our operations on a daily basis and is measured in Mega joules (MJ) of energy used per litre of beverage produced. This measurement is aligned with the measurements of The Coca-Cola Company. Our Group target is to reduce our Energy usage by 5% per year and in the process reduce the carbon emissions from our manufacturing operations. Bottlers Nepal ltd has managed to reduce the Energy usage ratio (EUR) by 2% and CO2 emissions by 6.7 tons during 2013 to achieve a total EUR 0.80 MJ per litre of beverage produced.

Together with The Coca-Cola Company, we are focusing on the "Top 10 Energy Saving Challenges", which was developed in cooperation with the World Wildlife Fund. The programme focuses on implementing 10 high-returns, low-risk energy-saving practices in our plants and most have already embraced the concept.

However, with the concept of gaining more insights on energy efficiency on beverage industries we managed EEC, FNCCI to have a thorough audit conducted in our sites. The audits showed a potential savings of 1,10,445 Kwh on electricity and 58,141 liters on thermal energy. Also brief awareness sessions to the employees were also imparted which particularly focused around the energy saving opportunities not only in the work place but in their local community as well.

We are thankful to the whole EEC team for their support and guidance throughout the audit.

Saurav Thapa, Asset care manage, Bottlers Nepal Ltd, Kathmandu