Energy Efficiency discussed at Nepal Economic Summit 2014
16 Mar 2014

The importance of Energy efficiency for Sustainable Energy Solutions in Nepal was noted during the first Nepal Economic Summit, an event organized by FNCCI with support of Government of Nepal from 24-26 February 2014 in Soaltee Hotel.

Beforehand, the Working Committee on Energy of the summit prepared a discussion paper on “Promoting Investment in Sustainable Energy Solutions for Nepal” which was the groundwork for the event’s panel discussions. In part IV of the discussion paper energy efficiency is highlighted as one of the important pillars of a sustainable energy supply system. In order to increase investment in energy efficiency specific incentives such as soft loans or tax rebates for energy-efficient technologies could encourage the private sector to tap saving potentials. A concept note recently submitted to the Ministry of Energy and Nepal Electricity Authority by NEEP on Energy Audit Scheme for Top 50 Electricity consumers described the incentive mechanism to be developed by the government to promote efficient use of energy. Moreover, institutionalizing energy efficiency through the establishment of an agency or a department responsible for planning, implementing and monitoring energy efficiency related activities and measures has become the need of the hour. Such an agency can work on institutionalizing energy audits and streamlining energy efficiency policies and provisions into an integrated strategy.

In the summit’s declaration, article 12 of the Energy Reform Agenda mentions the efficient use of energy and demand side mention as a priority area. The government of Nepal has foreseen to provide incentive packages for energy efficiency in the upcoming budget.

Download Discussion Paper on Energy here and Declaration of the summit here.

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